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Watermelon Lollies Recipe for kids | How to make energy ice cream

Watermelon Lollies Recipe for kids | How to make energy ice cream
05 Aug

Hello friends welcome to all indian rasoi I am Kaushalya Choudhary Friends in summer season everyone likes Watermelon and ice cream And a chance to make sour sweet ice lolly with that watermelon is definitely Make Children like to eat watermelon lollies This is my daughter It also likes sour sweet watermelon lollies amazing lollies are very tasty Like this video share it Comment and Subscribe this Channel So let's make watermelon lollies I have taken a watermelon It is about two kilograms Cut the watermelon and separate its outer green part Now we will take a bowl Put a cloth on a strainer on it And put small pieces of watermelon in the cloth Now we hold the cloth around and fold it And press the cloth to take out the juice of watermelon Watermelon juice is taken out, Remove strainer And now we will put in it four tablespoons sugar powder And two tablespoons of lemon juice mix it Take a cup of juice out of it and put it in the side Which we will use later The rest of the juice pour into the jar Now I have taken an ice cream molding mold In this put the watermelon juice All the mold is to keep one inch empty All have put the juice in the mold Now we cover the mold with a foil paper well enough cut the foil paper and Put the ice cream stick Cut out the middle of the mold Have inserted all the stick Now we keep it freezing for three to four hours to freeze it Now I have taken a watermelon juice in a bowl Which was put out in cup In this we will add 10 to 12 drop green food color And mix it Now we remove this mold from the freeze and check it lollies are frozen If this is not froze then it is necessary to freeze it again

It Depends on the Temperature of Your Fridge Now we put this green color juice into the mold Let us put it in freeze for two to three hours So that lollies are set lollies are set Take it out So see lollies get how much perfect color You must definitely try it How do you comment on this recipe Like and share this video And subscribe to my channel Then meet again with a new recipe Till then greet

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