Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Vegan Kids – Mango Smoothie Recipe

Vegan Kids – Mango Smoothie Recipe
05 Aug

So today I'm gonna make a smoothie and it's gonna be with a banana and some frozen mango and the special ingredient IS some lemon So first you tear the banana up

And make sure it does not have the pokey bottom part And then dump the mango in That was not supposed to happen! And then after that, squeeze the mango in No, not squeeze the mango, squeeze the lemon You have to squeeze super hard! And then let a grown up grind it up into a smoothie

And also before the grown up grinds it up, it's gonna be milk! I can't do it mommy Too heavy! And then after the grown up puts the milk in, run over to your dad and cover your ears And after a grown up grinds it up, get a cup and let a grown up pooooour it in! Mmm, that's good I can't even taste the sour of the lemon! It is actually super good Bye!

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