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Vegan for 30 Days: What You Need to Know

Vegan for 30 Days: What You Need to Know
08 Aug

hey guys it's Alex welcome to health by Napoli where we talk about healthy stuff that doesn't suck what I'm gonna talk to you about today is things that you might not know before you try to go vegan so I spent the last about 30 days eating only vegan not a lot of vegan junk foods quote-unquote but really just plants and fruits and vegetables and grains and things like that slowly for the past couple of years I've been eliminating meat from my diet little by little but never really taking the full plunge I wasn't ready I didn't really want to I enjoy meat it's really delicious sometimes umm so there's a lot of things in the pro category for eating meat but there's also a lot of things in the con category but after reading this book the longevity diet by doctor Longo I should probably just go 100% plant-based and so in dr Longo's book he talks a lot about the impacts of meat on your body and the impact that that's gonna have for you to be able to live a long healthy life it's been pretty ok but wasn't like I was going from a hundred to zero I wasn't going from like 40 or 60 to zero I would have one or two vegetarian vegan meals per day and then meat at one meal per day I've also never really liked dairy when I go to restaurants and stuff I always get you know can I have that without the cheese that's the kind of person I am so it wasn't hard for me to give up dairy eggs were a little bit harder for the last while especially I'd been eating a hard-boiled egg every day for breakfast so that was an adjustment but overall it really wasn't that hard for breakfast I've been having a great big bowl of oatmeal with nuts and seeds and fruits and coconut milk and so that's absolutely delicious super easy fast lifestyle you don't need tons of time to do this for lunch and dinner I've kind of been eating a lot of I don't wanna say the same foods but the same types of foods like last night for example I made a stir-fry with onions and Brussels sprouts and peppers and spicy peppers and so made all that and made a big serving of quinoa so today for lunch I had some of the quinoa some of those peppers and things and then some of a salad that I had made the day before with chickpeas and tomatoes and peppers and onions and an avocado so it was like a bit of stuff that I prepared tonight plus a bit of stuff that I had prepared yesterday for lunch tomorrow I'll have a bit of the Brussels sprouts a bit of the chickpeas and a bit of the quinoa it's kind of just builds on itself and then tomorrow night maybe I'll make a potato dish in the oven or something like that and then that'll kind of go into the rotation for the Buddha bowl type meal so what I'll say kind of tips and learning experiences is that you really I don't anyways like to focus on of recipes and preparing these big complicated meals because I think that that can get really intimidating and annoying and stressful like oh I didn't buy this from the grocery list or oh I have to get to the store because I need da da da you don't need that just buy a bunch of fruits and vegetables make them in different ways maybe once stir-fry maybe once raw maybe once baked maybe you make us stew in the slow cooker one weekend and then kind of like pick and mix and match from all that stuff rather than saying oh I need to have a specific lunch and a specific dinner what dr

Longo says in his book is that basically if you're eating enough volume of food so as long as you're getting enough calorie intake I hate calorie counting I'm being totally honest but when I started with this he's saying that your protein intake should be super low SuperDuper low even lower than probably what most vegans are getting in order to live a healthy life and so if I am calculating correctly it was 03 to 036 gram of protein per pound of body ugh math 033 times my weight so I'm supposed to have 4125 grams of protein per day when I was tracking it in my Fitness Pal I would reach that by lunch and I'd be like oh how am I gonna be protein deficient and so if you're going based on sound scientific knowledge of how much protein you should have not what the world says how much protein that you need you need protein all the time you're definitely gonna get enough on a vegan diet for sure as long as you're eating enough calories you're gonna be totally fine so the other thing that was a little bit interesting for me kind of halfway through the experience I started having really bad bloating I felt like my stomach was like distended all my pants were really tight I was just like super uncomfortable for like a couple of days and so I started to look at what I've been eating and it was a lot of raw foods and a lot of cruciferous I want to say carnivorous let's just pretend that I said that word right vegetables and some of them raw like I made this it was delicious but it was like a raw cabbage slaw so is eating like Brussels sprouts and cabbage and I think it was just too much I was also not really eating enough grain after doing a couple of whole30's your grain intake has decreased significantly also I had to start making a conscious effort to eat more grains and that's why I brought the oatmeal in for breakfast and quinoa lunch and maybe rice you know not all in the same day perhaps but like over the span of a couple of days to make sure that I was having something that was kind of like bulking my food together so that it could pass easier and so once I started taking that into account and also making sure that I was drinking water and doing all those kind of healthy movement things all that bloating kind of really went away another thing that you might be surprised about by going vegan is that you might not lose any weight if you're going vegan solely for the purpose of dropping or shedding some weight it might not necessarily happen as quickly as you want it to I haven't lost any weight in this 30 days I've been exercising my regular exercise routine sometimes a little bit more even I haven't noticed any significant like oh like I'm shredded now so if you're coming from somewhere where you're eating a lot of a lot more meat or you're eating a lot of processed foods things like that and then you're moving over to this plant-based diet then yeah I would expect that you're gonna lose more weight but if you're coming from a relatively healthy lifestyle this isn't gonna be a weight loss technique the last thing to think about is that if you have a lot of social engagements and you're gonna be out and about and with people and going for dinner usually I'm asking for things without dairy anyways usually I'm looking for things that are on the healthier spectrum anyways so for me you know I went to a restaurant an Italian restaurant that had this amazing pasta dish but then I just asked him not to put any cheese on it I didn't want the cheese anyways it wasn't like I was gonna have it even if I wasn't vegan but it didn't even really get occur to me that I needed to pick different restaurants so we went to Philly last weekend and when you're in Philly of course you got a Philly cheesesteak but I opted for the meatless cheeseless Philly cheesesteak and yes I did get made fun of a little bit for it but it was absolutely delicious it was basically all the toppings that you could get on a Philly cheesesteak but just together without any of the meat so good it was delicious so even in restaurants where you think that there's no option like a cheesesteak there's an option so really in conclusion to this dialogue it hasn't really been that hard of a month granted I'm coming from a place where I've done a bunch of whole30's so I'm already avoiding processed foods I'm already avoiding added sugar a lot of the gluten free grains my body can't handle soy my body can't handle dairy so soy I think is one of the things that maybe would have made it even easier so if I could have had tofu or if I you know enjoyed soy milk or something like that those additions maybe would have made it even easier than it was but honestly I don't do soy I don't do dairy and I've been cutting back the amount of meat that I've been eating anyways so I wasn't really like shocked I will actually say a couple of times I felt justified in my choices because you know maybe I'd be making the sugary choice or the dessert choice or you know the snack at the movie choice but because it was vegan I was like hey whatever vodkas vegan right so overall I think the 30 days going vegan was really good I feel great in my body now after all that digestive upset kind of cleared away I am feeling good I'm feeling powerful I actually went to the gym last night and I did a double class and in the second class usually I'm kind of like dragging and like oh when it's gonna be over last night I killed it absolutely killed it and as I was doing it I was like whhhhat like I got energies for days getting this real low amount of protein has not affected my energy levels as you can tell and it's really made my body feel really good but yeah it's been a really good overall experience and I would highly recommend it even if you're just gonna do with 30 days that's totally fine you want to do 30 days vegan and then maybe afterwards you realize oh I don't need meat breakfast lunch and dinner every single day that's a step in the right direction according to dr

Longo so moving forward I don't think that I'm ever gonna call myself a vegan because I like the idea of having that Flex in my diet and I think as a health coach when people pigeonhole themselves into a certain lifestyle like I'm only paleo I'm only keto I'm only vegan is that it really limits your mind mentally and then you get into this place where you're like hating yourself and oh you made a terrible or oh shit I ate this and I didn't know that there was something in it that I shouldn't have eaten and now I'm gonna beat myself up about it just like becomes this whole thing I don't like labels I'm not gonna call myself a vegan I think that I am 100% an advocate for a plant-based lifestyle and if that is a hundred percent plant-based or 90 percent plant-based 80 percent 70 percent like that is a huge step in the right direction for your health for your longevity for the health and longevity of the planet it's a good thing so have you ever tried to go vegan have you done a 30 day vegan challenge let me know in the comments below what you think of it how'd you do are you still vegan did you give it up let me know I would love to hear from you and until next time I hope today's episode has helped you think a little bit more about a vegan lifestyle see you guys later

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