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The BEST Sweet Potato Vegan Chili Recipe & Chase Your Dreams MEDITATION

The BEST Sweet Potato Vegan Chili Recipe & Chase Your Dreams MEDITATION
09 Aug

hello everyone this is marina from Soul in the Raw and my mission is to feed you the most delicious vegan food that's really good for you for the planet and for the animals so if you're new around here make sure to subscribe below I love chili and I think I was a little bit scared of it before I wasn't sure how to make it because the truth is before I was vegan I really didn't like Mexican food I know it's weird it's crazy people here in San Diego are obsessed with Mexican food and I just wasn't a big fan but then when I went vegan and I started you know the spices and all the avocado and the corn oh it's so good so now I love it and I've always wanted to try a really good chili and then I tried a chili by sweet potato soul and it was really really good and it also inspired me to create my own version so what I love about chili is that it's packed with such healthy foods it's got greens from cilantro if you don't like cilantro it's just what anyways I will forgive you I will try so we've got the cilantro the beans and the sweet potatoes and it's just like a complete delicious comforting meal so I love love love love this chili that I made for you and I'm so excited for you to try it it's easy it's simple it's quick and it's very cheap too so that's pretty cool let's go make it imagine a world where you can have everything you want what would that look like what would be different from what your life looks like right now what would you have what would every day look like from morning to night

and most importantly what would it feel like would you be happy would you be excited inspired motivated what would you feel every day that maybe you don't feel right now and I think the most important question that we want to ask ourselves is why don't I have that right now what's stopping me from living my wildest dreams maybe it's my cold but in reality there is nothing that can stop you from living your best self so go out there and get it done go out there and live your dream because I know that you can and that you'll get there even if it takes time I hope you love this chili recipe and the full recipe with all the measurements and everything is going to be in the description box below as well as a link to where this recipe is coming from it's actually a recipe from my new program "Deliciously Planty", which is a four week whole food plant-based Program meal plan with a batch cooking guide and a grocery list so that during the week everything is quick quick because you've already had everything made and it also comes with a four-part video series and in the video series I go over all the nutrients that you need as a vegan in your diet to be Super Duper healthy you know to represent vegans the way that they should be represented and how you can fulfill all of those nutrients through delicious meals you're not giving up flavor or nutrition because they go together so check that out and thank you so much for being here and I will see you very soon

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