Wednesday, 21 November 2018

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23 Sep

Awesome Lamb Kebabs | Jamie Oliver

Hi guys, okay so we're gonna do a really simple but delicious Lamb Kebab It's a really lovely ritual to make a kebab you can marinade it the day before, but I want to show you the ones that I like to do which is when you go for a […]

22 Sep

Golden Chicken with Minty Veg | Jamie Oliver – AD

Hi guys! Jamie here, hope your well We're going to make the most delicious chicken recipe It's fantastic healthy, and it's a brilliant mid week meal To guarantee that I get the perfect results that I want I'm gonna be celebrating my Jamie Oliver by Tefal red collection Let's get […]

21 Sep

Jamie Oliver’s Top 5 BBQ Tips

Hello lovely people Jamie Oliver here I hope you well It's time for a few barbecuing tips Okay, tip number one Make yourself a herb brush Really, really cool Basically any woody herbs Rosemary, thyme, sage, bay, oregano Tie it on to a spoon or a stick and just put […]

20 Sep

Fresh Prawn Linguine | Jamie & Gennaro

He is seasoning it by throwing it Hello lovely people Okay so we were going to do the best selling prawn linguini dish with beautiful langoustines from Jamie's Italian, right It's our number one selling dish but we can't because the sauce actually takes too long Too much love, too […]

19 Sep

Wild Garlic Focaccia | Jamie & Gennaro | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi guys, I am so excited to share with you a really important recipe to me that's not just a great recipe it's a memory it's a really important memory We're going to make homemade focaccia, crispy top spongy inside When you make bread with love and care and passion, […]

18 Sep

Tasty Fish Tacos | Jamie Oliver – AD

Hi guys Jamie here I hope you're well We're going to make the most delicious super healthy colorful fish taco recipe super super simple couldn't be any easier fish loads of the veggies in there three of your five fruit and veg today in one meal a wheel of color […]

17 Sep

How to make Hollandaise Sauce | Jamie Oliver

I'm going to give you a great recipe we're going to make the most amazing hollandaise sauce but it's going to be easy and I'm going to show you how you can keep it without splitting it okay it starts with two very good eggs and we're going to remove […]

16 Sep

Spaghetti & Meatballs | Gennaro Contaldo | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi lovely people Today I'm going to make Spaghetti with meatballs This is one of the dish my father used to make What a memory, never forget It was the flavour of the Parmesan and the garlic inside They used to fried all these lovely meatballs So I have here […]

15 Sep

How To Make Scones | Jamie Oliver | AD

So lovely people we're going to make homemade scones I love doing this I probably do it every single week the kids love it It's really really really easy and I'm going to be bigging up my beautiful bakeware range We're going to use 500 grams of self-raising flour 150 […]

14 Sep

Eggs Benedict | 5 Ways | Jamie Oliver

5 ways to make Egg Benedict | Jamie Oliver I will tell you the best recipe for your father's day That is Egg Benedict I'll show you five ways to make Egg Benedict A typical smoked ham version Egg Benedict, Next is the smoked salmon version Egg Benedict, And a […]