Wednesday, 21 November 2018

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19 Sep

Aloo puri recipe/Alu masala poori/Potato poori//Kids lunch box/Breakfast recipe by Rocking Tanaya

Today we are going to prepare "Aloo poori" It is very easy to prepare You can serve this Alu puri in lunch dinner or breakfast Aloo puri is so crispy & tasty that you can have these only with Achar Chatney Dahi or Raita You can have these even without […]

11 Sep

Aloo Croquettes – Potato Croquettes with Yellow Peas – Snack Recipe For Kids

So today we are making chana and potato croquettes Chana are a great form of protein and very well to digest and it's going to keep your child full of energy all day So let me show you how to create "Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin" So […]

07 Aug

✅Tasty Aloo Gobi veggie recipe by *Cooking with Asifa* yt_vid-108

Today I am going to teach you a New recipe "Aloo Gobi" -youtube recipe # 108 Source: Youtube

07 Aug

Dum Aloo Recipe – Indian Vegetarian Recipe Video in Hindi with English Subtitles – Lata’s Kitchen

Namaste, I'm Lata Jain, Welcome to Lata's Kitchen We can make many dishes with potatoes Dum Aloo is a very delicious party dish Today I'm going to make Dum Aloo, Lets see the ingredients required for making this Potatoes – 4 medium sized, washed, peeled and cut into fours Tomatoes […]

07 Aug

Jeera Aloo Recipe (Potatoes with Cumin) – Indian Vegetarian Recipe in Hindi – Lata’s Kichen

Namaste, I'm Lata Jain, Welcome to Lata's Kitchen You can make various dishes with potatoes Today I'm going to make Jeera Aloo, a very tasty side dish that can be also eaten for fasts / vrats Lets see the ingredients required for making this For this we'll need Potatoes – […]

07 Aug

Kashmiri Dum Aloo | Popular North Indian Main Course Recipe | Vegetarian Food

06 Aug

Veggie Burger // Indian Style Veg Aloo Tikki Burger Recipe


06 Aug

Aloo Wrap Recipe In Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy

Potato wrap recipe is a perfect snack which is crispy, soft and tangy as well These are all the ingredients we need for Potato wrap recipe Firstly to make stuffing of Potato wrap pour 2 spoons refined oil in a hot pan Add 1/4 spoon of cumin seeds when oil […]

05 Aug

Aloo Mutter Pulao Recipe At Home (Potato Peas Rice)-vegetarian recipes

you will get the recipe along with two tips 1 perfect quantity of water 2 How can we retain the color of peas welcome to my channel! 1 large onion, 1 large piece of ginger sliced two medium tomatos, 3 green chilies sliced 2 bay leaves, 3 one inch cinamon […]

05 Aug

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