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Sevai pulao /sewai pulav/Vermicelli upma/Namkeen seviyan/Quick & easy Breakfast/Lunch box for kids/

Sevai pulao /sewai pulav/Vermicelli upma/Namkeen seviyan/Quick & easy Breakfast/Lunch box for kids/
18 Sep

Today we are going to prepare "vermicelli pulav" or "Sevai pulao" You can easily prepare sewai pulao for breakfast or evening snack

You can also pack this pulao for your child's tiffin It is a healthy & tasty recipe We can easily make it at our home Let's get started For making sevai pulav we have taken- Vermicelli/sewai -1 cup Chopped onions Chopped tomatoes Chopped carrot Chopped capsicum Chopped green chilly Boiled fresh green peas Chopped coriander leaves Garam masala salt Red chilly powder Cumin seeds Turmeric powder Ghee Lemon juice Turn on the flame & heat a pan Roast the vermicelli Roasted vermicelli is also available in the market Keep the flame on low Stir it continuously & fry until it turns golden in colour It's colour is changing Keep it aside on a seperate platewe will use this roasted vermicelli later on On the same pan heat some ghee Add cumin seeds Fry it for a little Add chopped onions Fry it for a while Add chopped tomatoes Add chopped green chilly Mix it Add chopped carrot Add chopped capsicum Add boiled green peas Mix all the vegetaables You can add any vegetables that you like eating Now cover the pan & let it cook for 2-3 minutes

After 3 minutes check it Vegetables are soft now Add turmeric powder Add red chilly powder Add salt Mix properly Now add roasted vermicelli We have to put water in it For 1 cup vermicelli add 2 cup water Mix well Put the lid on & let it cook so that vermicelli can absorb water Keep the flame on low Stir it in between other wise it will stick to the pan Check it again Stir it We don't need overcook itit doesn't take much cooking time Put the lid on again & let it cook Check it again vermicelli is thick now as you can see Add garam masala Mix well Add chopped coriander leaves Mix it as well It will get dry when it is cooled We will not cook it anymore Add lemon juice Mix it Cover the pulav for 2 minutes so that sewai absorbs any left over water Turn the flame off Namkeen seviyan is ready take it out on a serving plate You must try this recipe at your home If you like it don't forget to hit the like button Don't forget to subscribe my channel

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