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Sausage and Peppers Sheet Pan Recipe: In the Percolate Kitchen With Kids

Sausage and Peppers Sheet Pan Recipe: In the Percolate Kitchen With Kids
23 Sep

So, I am back again it's a little bright in here, maybe I should – the video – Are you doing the class!? Do you wanna help me? All right, Niamh wants to join So hang on Today we're going to make a kielbasa and peppers and onions sheet pan recipe it's super quick and easy and it's one of my favorite recipes on the website, and it's also included- It's okay

it's his snack he can eat that It's in the 30 Day 20 Minute Real Food Meal Plan which is on sale right now to celebrate the opening of my new Percolate Kitchen Etsy shop, and I included the link in the post this is Niamh, yet again Can you say hi, Niamh? Hi! Hi! And then we have Frankie walking around eating Bamba snacks I don't know, maybe he'll be a pain in the butt again? maybe he'll be cool, what do you think, Niamh? I think he tooted You think he tooted? So! We're going to get started here! So Niamh is going to help me out with the glaze that goes on the top of the – oh! First things first, let me turn the oven on Put that up to 450 And then

we've got one tablespoon (Frankie, laughing) You're a funny guy, Frank One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar One tablespoon of brown sugar Two tablespoons of mustard Ew, it's making tooting sounds! I understand that it's making tooting sounds Two tablespoons of mustard, one tablespoon of brown sugar, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar This all gets mixed together And then very quickly, I'm going to chop up some peppers and onions And normally I recommend that this recipe is served with kielbasa, it's really good with kielbasa, BUT, today, at my grocery store, they had a sale on a little combo pack of spicy and sweet Italian sausages, and I was like, 'this looks too good' So I decided to forgo the kielbasa, and we're going to do just the sausage and peppers and onions and everything is topped with this yummy, sweet mustard glaze I can't see you guys, and you can't see me

It's too sunny in here, I didn't realize how sunny it would be Ok, you guys can time me, that's how fast this recipe comes together It comes together super crazy ridiculously fast All right! So, we've got the sheet pan here with everything spread out, Niamh is going to put more peppers on there These are the peppers I was telling you about, they were on sale at my local grocery store, and I was like, 'who needs kielbasa, so we'll do sweet peppers and spicy Italian peppers So look, you can also do

that I wanna do that! Ok, take all the guts out Guts out!? Guts! And then I'm cutting the peppers into the same width as the onions They've got a width about this much Because you want something kinda meaty when you're biting into it They're gonna cook down quite a lot in the oven

Thanks you, Niamh I wanna do some! Ok, no we need to – did you wash your hands? Go wash your hands, please, okay? "I did wash my hands after I played with slime" You washed your hands after you played with slime? That's a good thing Ok, while my little helper is in the bathroom, I'm going to wash my own hands and I'll show you what I do next So this is the fun part, this is a really good thing for kids to do, because it's a lot more fun So we are going to take this amazing – you did such a good job on this glaze – and then you just kinda slop it on everywhere I wanna do some! Here, you do it Try and get as much of the glaze on as much of the ingredients as possible But it doesn't have to be perfect And like seriously, what is the time now/ We've been live for like, 5 minutes or so? And I'm gonna put it in the oven, and then it's gonna be done! All right, I'll show you the finished product I'm just gonna pop this in the oven, it's gonna cook on 450 for I think 15 minutes? I don't actually remember! But when I pull it out, I'll snap a photo and I'll add it into the comments of the Live, so you guys can see, and then this is going to be our dinner! So you feel like have essentially hotdogs for dinner, Niamh? Hotdogs! Yeah? Sound good? All right Okay! So that was a super short Live, as promised, and thankfully Frank let me do the whole thing, almost, just about! And um, ok! So, the link for this recipe is in the post up at the top, and the link for the 30 Day 20 Minute Real Food Meal Plan is also there, that is on sale at the moment in the Etsy Shop for 1199, to celebrate the fact that I HAVE an Etsy shop, and if you guys have any questions or you want to try the recipe or if you take your own photos I would LOVE to see them, okay!? All right, say goodbye, Niamh! Bye! Say goodbye, Frank! Bye! Bye!

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