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Romantic Dinner Ideas & Recipes for Two : Vegetables for an Osso Buco Recipe

Romantic Dinner Ideas & Recipes for Two : Vegetables for an Osso Buco Recipe
05 Aug

Hi, I'm Marlene Spiegel, founding team leader from Wildtree I'm here today on behalf of Expert Village

And I have the second portion of our Osso Buco, we're going to make the vegetables and have them steaming hot So the first thing we're going to do is add a tablespoon of the garlic grape seed oil and a tablespoon of the butter grape seed oil We're going to turn the temperature on high, and we're going to add onions, celery, carrots, and fennel – and believe in me, the fennel makes the dish so don't skip that ingredient We're going to stir those around, and we're going to add a cup of white wine – this is a sauvignon blanc but any white wine will do – and sixteen ounces of diced tomatoes – or two large tomatoes We're going to stir that around

We're going to reduce, again, the juices – takes about ten, fifteen minutes Then we're going to add the veal shanks to this dish And we want them with the side up, right on top And then just take a little spoon and spoon some of the veggies with the juices right over top of the veal shanks We're going to cover this and put it in the oven for two hours on three hundred

Now we're going to make the gremolata, the topping for the bone marrow We're going to use some diced parsley, some lemon zest and Wildtree's garlic and herb blend, and a couple tablespoons of garlic – or the lemon zest grape seed oil by Wildtree We're going to stir this together, a little more grape seed oil, and then we're going to just dish a little bit on top to the bone marrow And your finished product – bon app?tit

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