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Overnight Oats: 2 Delicious and Easy DATE-SWEETENED Vegan Recipes | Soul in the Raw

Overnight Oats: 2 Delicious and Easy DATE-SWEETENED Vegan Recipes | Soul in the Raw
08 Aug

hello everyone and welcome to Soul in the Raw my name is marina and I make delicious vegan food that is completely whole food plant-based workout videos and vlogs so if you're new around here consider subscribing down below and today we are going to make delicious overnight oats I love overnight oats because they take literally five minutes to make they are packed with whole grains and seeds and fruit so good for you so satisfying and filling especially if you're working out or if you're like on the go and going to work and you need a good breakfast so we're gonna make these variations I'm sure you're going to love them and I will see you after the video food is the beginning the beginning of the journey it's the beginning of the journey to health to knowing yourself to loving yourself that's how I started with the food getting to know your food and really connecting to it and knowing what you put into your body and then you start thinking about how what you eat affects everything else the planet the animals the humans who make your food and you start to connect with your entire world the entire environment and at the end of the day I have found that this connection brings you back home to yourself that is the place where you end up is connecting to yourself and really thinking about what makes you happy what makes you tick what you need to be fulfilled in life what you need to have meaning in your life and it all starts with the food but it's so much more than that I have found that it's about meditation a lot of it is about meditation and that's why I'm here talking to you kind of bringing you into that motivational meditative state where you really connect to yourself so when you wake up in the morning make sure that you meditate make sure that you close your eyes and really take time to connect to yourself to understand what makes you happy to understand that if you just breathe everything will be okay it doesn't matter how much money you have it doesn't matter where you live it just matters that you love yourself first that you believe in yourself and that you know that there are people who love you in this world

It took me a long time to learn this and I finally did and I finally started connecting to myself so take the time today take the time to connect to yourself to really pay attention to what you're putting in your mouth and let that be the beginning of connecting to yourself of loving yourself love yourself through the food but love yourself through so many other ways too and enjoy every moment of this journey called life I hope you loved these overnight oats and that you make them and if you do please please tag me on Instagram and on Facebook at Soul in the Raw I would love to see your recreations and these recipes are actually coming from a new program that I have it's called Deliciously Planty it's so cute I love it I'm very proud for coming up with that name anyways The program includes a one-month meal plan a whole food plant-based meal plan delicious vegan meals as well as a batch cooking guide that goes with each week and a grocery list that goes with each week as well as a four-part video series that's going to teach you how to cook in a way that fulfills all your nutrient needs so not only is it yummy it's also really good for you so make sure to check out the recipes that I just showed you as well as the program at the link in the description box below and I will see you next week

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