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Meal Prep Mania: Pescetarian Delight! 4 Free & Healthy Recipes!

Meal Prep Mania: Pescetarian Delight! 4 Free & Healthy Recipes!
05 Aug

hey guys welcome back to my channel it's another rendition of Meal Prep Mania! so it's Friday and I'm feeling a little fancy today because I've been going to these real estate caravans so I got my fancy costco skirt on and I am feeling fresh ta death trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents so let me get into this week's recipes I actually have four for you one is a side and I started with sausage peppers and onions we went to a little barbecue last week and this is the perfect easy delicious dish that goes in the crock-pot I got the recipe from my friend Deana and I altered it made it a little BrieOCDish by using flavorful colorful peppers so basically you brown all the stuff first chuck it in the crock pot if you don't have time to brown it it's okay you don't need to but I like to lock in the flavors throw it all in the crock-pot 4 hours on low 2 hours in you take it out take the sausage out let it rest a little bit for about 10 minutes and slice it up throw it back in for another two hours it is delicious I top it with my sweet and spicy mustard from Vons would still they'll carry it at any market probably there's a picture and BrieOCDcom of that mustard or you could serve it with a bun you can serve it over rice this time I use chicken sausage from Costco was the pineapple mango it was really really good and chicken sausage is a little healthier than regular pork sausage but it was really good and delicious so head BrieOCD

com for that recipe next is honey garlic shrimp super easy super fast to make I served it with quinoa and broccoli yeah you know you're getting punched with proteins about 38 grams of protein per serving there's it's a low calorie it's low fat the only thing that's a little bit higher is the carbs and that's because of the quinoa so you can alter that and you know eat as much quinoa or less quinoa that you want so that'll affect the carbs so it was really really easy to make my one suggestion would be marinate the shrimp in advance so you can marinate it for longer I only did it for about 20 minutes but the shrimp literally takes minutes to make so if you just make that whip up that sauce that takes two minutes chuck in the shrimp throw it in the fridge and marinate it for a little longer I think it will really be a lot more flavorful but it was delicious regardless next is nut crusted halibut this was so good it was crunchy halibut is a white flaky fish be you know be prepared heat the oven up first because it takes 20 minutes to heat up so then you want to throw in your walnuts just to toast them a little bit don't burn them I did it for about 10 minutes but every oven is different while the oven was preheated so you literally just throw it on a little baking tray chuck it in the oven for about 10 minutes watch them while the oven is preheating to 450 you're gonna make it a little concoction you can do it in a mini food processor I'll put the link in the YouTube description below and it's on BrieOCDcom but throw it in the food processor and you literally cook the fish on each side for a couple minutes throw it in the oven for an extra five boom you're done I serve this with this is the fourth recipe sauteed spinach and tomatoes easy-peasy like less than five minutes to make you slice up all the tomatoes throw the spinach and tomato into a saute pan with a little bit of olive oil season it with salt and pepper Badda Bing badda boom you're done in less than five minutes I'm not even kidding you so this you know halibut with the sauteed spinach it was just I was so full after it was just a good good meal so we got sausage peppers and onions in the crock-pot easy easy you know delicious great gameday barbecue party fourth of July recipe any kind of Labor Day whatever you want with the honey garlic shrimp sauteed up quick quick nut crusted halibut in the oven and on the stove top with sauteed spinach and tomatoes delicious head to BrieOCDcom f you like my videos give me a thumbs up please happy Friday remember the whole breakdown here Friday you're watching this video what up saturday go grocery shopping and sunday cook baby cook cook cook get some wine don't cut yourself and cook and enjoy yourself health is wealth people preparation is the key to success you prepare these meals in advance and all week you are set for success you won't go running for fast food or anything bad because you'll have meals at the ready so meal prep baby meal prep mania!

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