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How To Make Nutella Chocolate Emoji Popsicles | Easy Recipe | Kids Cooking and Crafts

How To Make Nutella Chocolate Emoji Popsicles | Easy Recipe | Kids Cooking and Crafts
14 Sep

– Today we're going to make Nutella chocolate emoji popsicles! (bubbly music) Hey guys I'm Ava, welcome back to Kids Cooking and Crafts Now I have a really serious question for you

Do you like Nutella? If you do, click that big thumbs up and comment down below what you like to eat Nutella with Let's get started! What you need is popsicle holders, some chocolate almond milk and some Nutella That's it! It's super de duper easy! First you need one and a half cup of chocolate almond milk There Perfect

Now we need half a cup of Nutella This is where it gets kinda messy I'm going in with my trusty pineapple spatula (upbeat music) Little bit more, I want it extra Nutellaey Okay, there we go Now I just pour it into here

Weeeoooo Ooohhhh Now we are going to whisk it all together So I put it between my hands and go back and forth like this, kinda like a fire starter (milk sloshing) Super speed! Oh that smells good

It smells like brownies Okay, now all we have to do is pour it into our molds (bouncy music) Let's go pop 'em in the freezer While we're waiting, let's clean up the dishes Okay, guys it's day two and the popsicles are all frozen

I'm gonna text my brothers and ask them to come over and taste test the popsicles (gentle music) (record scratching) Do you know how you know you're a true fan of Nutella? You start growing a Nutella mustache Oh hey guys! – What's up? I got your text so my taste buds are ready for taste testing Let's do this! – All right, so here's number one – Whoa that looks so – Ooohooo! – That's like my chocolate dreams like come to life – I know! – [Corbin] That is the best – Guys look it has the chocolate emoji face on it – [Corbin] That's so cool (Axel laughs) – Okay and one for me One second

– [Corbin] Just try the purple one – Okay Ahaha – There you go – Okay ready guys? Three, two, one, go – two, one, go

(mmmmm) – It's like chocolate at the very first and then it just goes into like that after Nutella taste like – It tastes like fudge – Yeah – yeah – I could eat this for the rest of my life, it's so good – I love this – Growing a chocolate beard (chuckles) (laughing) – It's cold! – It tastes better than chocolate cake – Thank you guys so much for joining us today

Don't forget to like, subscribe and comment down below if you are a true Nutella lover See you guys next time, bye! – Bye!

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