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How to make Hollandaise Sauce | Jamie Oliver

How to make Hollandaise Sauce | Jamie Oliver
17 Sep

I'm going to give you a great recipe we're going to make the most amazing hollandaise sauce but it's going to be easy and I'm going to show you how you can keep it without splitting it okay it starts with two very good eggs and we're going to remove just the yolks okay now the egg whites you can use for a lovely meringue so the egg yolks go to a heatproof glass bowl then here I've got a pan about an inch of water and I put the bowl on top and I do not want the water to touch the eggs because it will overheat and you'll get scrambled eggs and we don't want that add a little swig of lemon juice or white wine vinegar just a little tablespoon and whisk that up to make it fluffy and pale it just takes a couple of minutes then I want to use some butter I want to put a pack of butter in here guys because I'm going to make enough hollandaise for about six people I'm going to put it on a heat and we're just going to melt it okay so as you whisk the egg yolks is going to start to double inside you're sort of par cooking the eggs and now the eggs are kind of ready to hold and emulsify fat in this case we're using the melted butter slowly adding the butter if you don't whisk constantly you'll have too much fat and it will split you can see it's thickening up nicely as you're doing it have a little taste YUM I'm going to add a little bit of salt a little pepper just get a good old-fashioned thermos flask right and preheat it and then pour that away and this is the best place to put a fantastic hollandaise sauce get your sauce and just pour it in it's going to stay warm for two hours and it's the best tip that you could get oh look I've just gone over the rim and in kitchens we use thermos flasks to keep these fantastic sauces like bearnaise, hollandaise that are held together by egg and heat and fat the thing about these sources is it's so delicate so silky it's so good with things like asparagus new potatoes, you know steamed fish even grilled chicken amazing so there you go guys classic hollandaise sauce made with love and care there's so many things you can do with that even the eggs benedict and if you want to see a recipe for that just click the link up there but there you go thermos flask brilliant tip Happys days

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