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How To Cook White Chicken Chili | Instant Pot Recipe | Large Family Meals

How To Cook White Chicken Chili | Instant Pot Recipe | Large Family Meals
05 Aug

– Hey guys We're running about an hour or so behind schedule here

We had a big storm that came through, I think about a week ago We just put our big trampoline together It's like a 16 foot trampoline Got it put together It's been sitting in a box for a very long time

Got it put together Kids enjoyed it for two full weeks A big, very rare, high wind storm came through our area and totally just wrapped it around a tree All that to say, Travis and the kids did clean up outside with the trampoline and such this afternoon We have a new one coming in the mail and I'll say again, our farmhouse, our old farmhouse that isn't too far away from this location we had a trampoline there for almost 10 years and never had that strong of a storm come through and cause that kind of destruction

So nothing else got hurt because I know you'll be concerned to those comments The trampoline clean-up That's why dinner's running late So what we're doing this evening is I'm going to do a White Chicken Chili I'm gonna do it in my Instant Pot

And then I'm gonna do a bunch of corn on the cob in my new 14 quart GoWISE Pressure Cooker and everybody else right now is just doing some evening jobs I'm gonna get dinner going and jump in and do some more jobs too Our ingredients are really simple We're gonna put in about two pounds of chicken I'm putting in a whole 40 ounce can of Northern Beans

A whole can of Butter Beans This is a 155 ounce can I'm doing a can of Navy Beans I'm doing a can of White Corn

I'm doing a can of Diced Green Chilies And then I'm also gonna add in a cup of rice We're gonna put it in the Instant Pot and Oh I'm gonna put in some spices and such too so I'll get those now So I've got our chicken now in the Instant Pot and then I'm gonna open up our cans and put our cans and spices on top Then after that Miss Amelia and I, in your Elsa dress, right we are gonna get the corn going in the GoWISE The stuff that I'm showing tonight in the video is I'm gonna actually do both pressure cookers on my stove top so I can use my fan to vent Several of you suggested this to me in my last video

What concerns me about that is obviously if someone does what I do and doesn't use safety precautions, so I just want everyone to be safe If you set anything on your stove top, which I'm sure you're not supposed to do, you have to be super safe and make sure you don't turn your stove on I also know that there's different Oh, Daniels being passionate behind us I know there's also different boards and things I've seen, that you can get off of Amazon to use your stove top more like a countertop All of that to say, I'm doing this so I can vent the steam up my fan All my legal disclaimers and disclosures, you all be safer than me Yada yada yada

Read your instruction manuals Don't listen to talking hand Next I'm putting in our can of White Corn Then we have a can of Navy Beans going in Now, if you wanted to do the same recipe in your slow cooker, that's totally possible

Again, you just dump it all in Of course, you're not gonna wanna use frozen chicken You're gonna want your chicken to already be defrosted But you put your defrosted chicken and all your ingredients in for about four hours on high And then I got a can of Butter Beans that's going in

The big old can of Great Northern Beans Then here's a can of Green Chilies that's going in And then I'm doing two tablespoons of minced garlic So now I'm gonna add in a cup of dried rice And then I'm adding in a teaspoon of each of these

The Cumin, the Paprika, the Garlic Powder, the Onion Powder And then I'm gonna add in some Salt and Pepper Yes, yes, mommy's gonna give him next So there we go guys I added the spices in

I also just added a cup of water So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna put the lid on And the boys are singing a song behind me Gonna put the lid on and then I'm gonna put it on the poultry setting for 20 minutes And then it won't be too long

and make sure it's on steam And that's it So that's gonna make our White Chicken Chili including cooking our chicken breast from frozen So all you need to do so we've got our little steam rack in there So if you just start putting the corn in Amelia You can put all the corn in there – [Amelia] Okay

– Okay? And I'm gonna get the butter out while you do that There you go Miss Amelia's putting it in, and I have here four ounces, about half a cup of butter here that I'm gonna put in with the corn and we'll spin some Salt and Pepper on there So good job I was gonna do the corn on the cob in the air fryer but then I thought, "I'm still breaking in this new "pressure cooker so

" And you can do corn in your Instant Pot, or if you have a GoWISE or Pressure Cooker XL So many different brands and the settings really are similar in all of them I'm just gonna put this on manual for three minutes and it does frozen corn perfect

So now we're gonna get our Salt and Pepper We're almost out of this pink Himalayan Salt So there you go, hold it upside down Perfect Okay how about you hold it, and I'll twist it

– [Amelia] How about I twist it and you hold it? – Okay, let's try it Twist it there other way Other way Okay so now I've gotta get the lid in Now something I have learned with this big GoWISE, their lid is not as intuitive as the Instant Pot lid and it makes a little chime sound when you have it set right

– [Daniel] Mommy, mommy mommy – [Jamerrill] With the GoWISE, you have to pay attention to what you're doing Excuse all my watermarks on my lid here So I had a few times the first couple times I used it I think the first time it was fine, But then like the second and third time, I didn't have my lid set right

Obviously you have to make sure your lids are set right, to be safe So for the GoWISE, let me eyeball it here Let's see pressure time we're gonna set it to three And another thing I do like about the GoWISE is once it builds up its pressure, it gives me a pressure reading here and so I can see when the pressure is built up and I can see later, once there pressure is going down

That is a feature that I don't have on my eight quart Instant Pot So just comparing and contrasting for you So of course super loud in here I just did the quick release for the last few minutes of pressure I've been letting my IP do the natural release but now I just put on the quick release and it's just going up my vent there

And I took the lid off my corn has been done It has been sitting here beautifully for me So that was nice and easy and I'm gonna get bowls ready for the White Chicken Chili So I just took the lid off for this White Chicken Chili Of course I just took pictures

Just shared it on my Insta-Stories but here is how it looks You can see that rice turned out perfect We have some nice broth going on And then the chicken is still in chicken breast Big boneless, skinless, chicken breast form

So I'm gonna set my camera down and just shred that with two spatulas real quick and then we'll serve It up So I actually just pulled the chicken out It took me all of 35 seconds to pull it out, shred it up quickly with two forks and there we go So now I'm just gonna mix it back in the pot Okay, that looks so good and now I'm gonna serve this up

So thank you guys for watching We are closing up shop now The kids are actually sitting round the counter eating, watching their different birthday videos whenever we've gotten those up on YouTube through the years So that's how we're loving YouTube this evening Loving our White Chicken Chili

Go over to largefamilytablecom to get the full recipe Also text the word "FREEZER" to 44222 to my Mega Freezer Planning Pack And I'll see you next time with another brand new video Bye bye

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