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How to Cook Fried Chicken |

How to Cook Fried Chicken |
17 Aug

Southern Fried Chicken, yes! Super crispy on the outside, ultra juicy and tender on the inside This isn't about bargain buckets my friends, this is about soul food

Comes in three parts ladies and gents We've got the brining, we've got butter milking, and flowering It's gonna be incredible So part one: brine It's gonna flavour the meat, it's gonna hydrate the meat so you're gonna get a juicy poultry bird

It's really really clever Use a handful of black peppercorns, a few sprigs of thyme, four fresh bay leaves, and four garlic cloves Add 100 grams of salt and 100 grams of brown sugar, finish with 400 mls of water Give it all a stir and bring it to the boil Then take it off the heat

Add another 400 mls of water in there let this fully cool down, then go in with the chicken Four free-range chicken drumsticks and four thighs Keep the skin on and score right down to the bone So in with the thighs and in with the drumsticks so just cover that with some greaseproof paper or cling film it, whack it in the fridge and I put it in there overnight, 12 hours minimum and that's the beginning of the incredible flavour process Now it feels slightly firmer, it's hydrated it's probably gained about 10%

Give it a little shake and straight into a ziplock bag Then guys, you're ready for stage two Buttermilk, you can get it in all the supermarkets It's kind of like a liquid yoghurt and it's gonna help to flavour and tenderise this chicken So I'm gonna squeeze the air out of the bag and we put that in the fridge for another eight hours and you might be thinking is it worth it why do we do it? Of course, just get a bit of chicken just put it in flour and fry it it won't taste anything like this

You know you can always cheat but fantastic feasts at the weekend are about preparing for it This is the kind of secret spice bit that they say you know so many secret blended spices and stuff like that it's not that secret, I'll give it to you Start with 200 grams of plain flour then it's just one teaspoon each of baking powder, smoked paprika, cayenne, and onion and garlic powder Season with salt and pepper and give it a good old mix Then go in with the chicken

Just get your fingers in and have a good old toss around You've given this chicken some serious TLC now it's time to fry Half fill a sturdy pan with sunflower oil and heat to 180 degrees celsius Drumsticks first, slowly put them in colour it up and get it crispy in the oil as soon as it looks nice and golden and gorgeous, after about five minutes, put it in the tray Do the same with the thighs

Grab a few sprigs of thyme dip in some excess oil in the tray and then sprinkle it all over the chicken Whack this in the oven now 170 degrees celsius for about half an hour and until the meat comes away from the bone and it will be gorgeous Look at that! Incredible crispy chicken I'm so excited! What I love about this and the whole kind of idea of this is you take something junk and you apply the old values love, care, attention The brining, the marinating, the flour with the secret blend or not so secret blend and we create a mountain of delicious, loved food

This is finger-lickin chicken like you've never tasted before and to set it off perfectly I'm serving it with baked sweet potatoes, peppery watercress, wedges of lemon and a crunchy vibrant fresh pickle This is the most fantastically indulgent weekend feast that everyone will love Let's take a bit of that beautiful chicken a little squeeze of lemon juice Oh my god! It's just tender, crispy outside and look it's fried, so it is rich but then when you bang that, in your gob It's so delicious I love it

This is stuff that makes me really really happy Guaranteed!

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