Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Homemade Salad Dressings // healthy + easy (oil-free, dairy-free,vegan)

Homemade Salad Dressings //  healthy + easy (oil-free, dairy-free,vegan)
08 Aug

hi guys welcome back to the whole happy life in this video I'm going to share three recipe ideas for sauces / dressings that you can pair with salads grain bowls roast veggies and can even use them as a dip and to top it off all these recipes are plant-based oil-free have no heavily processed ingredients and are quick to make if that sounds like something you'd be interested in keep watching before we dive into the recipes just a quick note while these recipes are certainly oil-free they're not fat free fat is important for good health the reason why they're oil free is I'm a big believer in using whole food sources of fats whenever possible and limiting oil because oil doesn't really have many vitamins and minerals compared to whole food sources of fats the first recipe is a hemp seed lemon and mint dressing for this recipe you'll need hemp hearts which are basically shelled hemp seeds water lemon lemon zest garlic mint onion powder and salt and pepper blend all the ingredients except the mint and blend until it's really smooth and creamy I used a magic bullet you can use any small blender or food processor once the dressing is creamy you can add the mint at this point and blend until you get the consistency you like if you like the mint really smooth you can do that or if you like it a little bit chunky you can do that too add more water if necessary and add more seasoning if you need it a little tip here try not to add all of the water in the first go try to add the water slowly just in case it becomes too thin you can always thin out a thick dressing or sauce you can't go the other way so always start by adding less water and then work your way up depending on the desired consistency the second recipe is a roasted red pepper tahini sauce for this recipe you'll need two roasted bell peppers you can either roast them yourself or if you're lazy like me you can buy them jarred try to get the jars that have fewer preservatives tahini lemon salt pepper garlic cloves cumin powder and water as needed always adjust the seasonings to your personal taste preferences because we're all a little bit different and what tastes good to me may not taste punchy enough to you so feel free to add more seasoning as necessary next up we have a spicy cashew dressing for this dressing you'll need raw cashews that have been soaked overnight and drained water lime juice and lime zest tamari grated ginger red chillies crushed garlic and a few leaves of cilantro and of course salt blend everything until you get the desired consistency adjust the seasonings to taste and add more water if you need to what I suggest is if you're going to use any of these dressing slash sauces as a dip try not to add too much water when you're making them and if you want to use them as a dressing try to add a little bit more water and a little bit more salt and pepper to adjust for that and just a touch more lime or lemon just to give it that balance all of these recipes last in the fridge for about two to three days and yeah they're really easy to make so if you want you can make them again and change it up each time you can add different seasonings so they're very versatile you can actually change them up if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe I will see you in the next video bye

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