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Healthy Oats Dosa Recipe – Instant Breakfast Recipes | Easy and Quick | Glamrs Food

Healthy Oats Dosa Recipe – Instant Breakfast Recipes | Easy and Quick | Glamrs Food
13 Sep

This crispy, nutritious and delicious dosa is the perfect light breakfast or snack and is ready instantly! For the batter you’ll need some plain instant oats You’ll blend these into a fine powder

You can roast them before if you like Now transfer the freshly made oats flour to a mixing bowl and add a quarter cup of semolina (or rava) and a quarter cup of rice flour Whisk these through to mix well and then add in a quarter cup of smooth yogurt Yogurt makes the batter light and tart Now start adding water to get a nice thin pouring consistency

If this batter is allowed to sit, it will thicken So add more water to dilute it This is because the oats absorb water Now onto the toppings! we’re going to use some crushed cumin seeds Some finely chopped green chillies, to your taste ofcourse Some finely chopped onion, make sure these are cut very fine Then add some grated ginger A bunch of finely chopped coriander to freshen things up And some fresh grated coconut, which you can leave out if you’re not a fan

Some earthy aromatic curry leaves, chopped up Feel free to change up the toppings based on your taste Just ensure you don’t add anything too wet And finally season generously with salt and pepper Mix and check the consistency

Get your pan nice and hot Pour a little oil on the pan Pour your batter in the middle Since the batter is thin, avoid spreading it too much If you're using a gas stove you can keep the flame on high, but induction cook tops will need to be on low In a minute or so pour oil around the edges to help it gain colour

When you see the dosa has become nicely golden brown and is lifting easily, flip it over Cook it on this side for a couple of minutes Remove and serve hot with chutney or curds We hope you love these deliciously wholesome and super healthy oats dosas hot from the Glamrs kitchen as much as we do! Thank you for watching

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