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Healthy lunch box ideas for week || Monday-Friday Husbands lunch box ideas || Wife Mom Boss

Healthy lunch box ideas for week || Monday-Friday Husbands lunch box ideas || Wife Mom Boss
09 Sep

Hello everyone, swarda here, welcome to my channel today i am sharing 5 really healthy, tasty, filling and balanced lunch box ideas With the little bit of pre preparation you all can eat or feed these lunches throughout the week

these lunch box ideas are really perfect for working adults/ bachelors or even for kids you can mix and match these ideas according to your taste and because this video was getting too long i have posted 5 HEALTHY SALAD’s video last Thursday, you can see the glimpse of video down here, n check the link in the description box Let me know what you think about these lunch box ideas in the comment section below, also mention whats your favorite lunch idea if you find this video useful then click on the like button and subscribe with the bell icon, Monday is nobody favorite day but with the slight preparation you can still eat healthy at a lunch time ; for todays lunch i’m making lentil idlii know this is breakfast item, but with the i little bit of twist it can be a yummy lunch too… i have prepared very nutritious mix lentil idli batter on weekend details are in the description box

in this batter i am adding salt to taste, a teaspoon of ginger, garlic and green chilly paste, give it a mix and steam it in idli stand, while idli is getting steamed lets prepare my favorite tomato chutney in heated oil add urad daal and peanuts extra in regular tadkathen add turmeric, onion, tomatoes and 2 teaspoons of jaggery powder & salt let it cook really well and grind it after it cools down Finally Add some tadaka on chutny to garnish you can pack these healthy idlis with tomato chutney or coconut chutney, for salad i am packing sprouted moth salad, for fruits strawberries & Blueberries

and our mondays lunchbox is ready For Tuesdays tiffin box we will be making paneer role or kathi role: this is really easy to make, and tastes good too, will start with the stuffing, first marinate the paneer cubes in spice mix yogurt it really gives delicious taste to roll in bowl take 2 tea spoon of yogurt, add ginger garlic paste , little bit of chillies powder, turmeric, for taste garam masala and chat masala, salt mix it well add paneer cubes and one more time give it a good mix keep it aside till we chop veggies then i am going to fry onion capsicum mint leaves ginger and garlic very lightly in little bit of oil, don’t add too much oil because we are going to add marinated paneer and it will release butter then add same spices we have added in marination then some ketchup, shreaded carrot and paneer cubes, let it cook till it gets dry and the stuffing is ready

you can make simple chapati or a roti same as me just don’t forget to brush butter while roasting and roll it with the stuffing as shown we have added mint leaves and ketchup in the stuffing just to avoid roll getting saggy for salad i am packing Italian salad and roll with the side of ketchup, mint chutney for fruit banana

and tuesdays lunch box is ready For Wednesday we will making mix veg pulav , i had pre cooked rice but if you have leftover rice you can simply use that so in tadka add onion, broccoli , red and green bell paper, cauliflower, carrots and split green chillies or what ever veggies you like or have in the house for masala i am adding raw spices but you can simply use biryani masala so add all these things in hot oil followed by rice, salt give it a good mix let it steam and mix veg pulav is ready

for salad are going add cucumber and tomatoes i have removed the pulp so it will stay fresh in the lunch box and you can use the pulp for any other dish as a side dish pack boondi rayta and fresh grapesand wednesdays lunch box is ready For Thursdays tiffin we are going to make aloo palak paratha its really quick and simple to make Stem chopped palak in little bit of water and when its done drain the extra water then in mashed boiled potatoes add cumin seeds, salt, ginger garlic paste, drained spinach leaves mix it well and make balls for stuffings, roll the parathas and roast it with butter

pack the parathas with pickle and mint chutney, garbanzo/ chickpea salad and mandarins For Fridays lunch we are making really easy Italian margarita pasta , add garlic, onion, you can add green chillies, fresh basil, cherry tometoes & some regular tomatoes, oregano ,add some water and let it cook once sauce is cooked add fresh basil, and boiled pasta,i am adding bow pasta but feel free to use any pasta that you like, add cheese into pan stair it for few mins, and your silky and delicious margarita pasta is ready i am packing it with the side of sweet and salty green moong salad, dates, almond snack and apple My idea is to encourage you all to eat healthy

to prepare balanced lunch boxes all you need is a little bit of pre preparation and you all can have healthy, balanced and nutritious lunch throughout the week hope you like this video, feel free to add whats your favorite lunch box in the comment section down below to check detailed recipes of all the salads click on the upper right hand corner window Give this video a big thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel with the bell icon

thanks for watching , stay healthy & happy byee…

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