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Golden Chicken with Minty Veg | Jamie Oliver – AD

Golden Chicken with Minty Veg | Jamie Oliver – AD
22 Sep

Hi guys! Jamie here, hope your well We're going to make the most delicious chicken recipe It's fantastic healthy, and it's a brilliant mid week meal To guarantee that I get the perfect results that I want I'm gonna be celebrating my Jamie Oliver by Tefal red collection Let's get cracking on with the recipe We're gonna wack a little marinade together, very very simple, we are gonna do a tablespoon of olive oil, into a bowl we're gonna go in with a little vinegar, or you could use lemon juice if you want and we're gonna use some lovely flakes of chili, really really nice

so the chili flakes go in like that Salt, pepper and that's a very simple, gorgeous little marinade right there now with the chicken we can put it straight in but before I do that I want to have a little score up on the chicken and what you gonna do is allow the seasoning in and then i'm gonna put it in the marinade and give it a little squashing So, get your hands in because you can see that fat end of the chicken feel free to push it down flat and push in that marinade and that seasoning the more you press it the thinner it will go, the quicker it will cook so get in there guys, come and have a little massage up get the flavour into that chicken in to the pan On a medium high heat, let's wash our hands and then wack up some asparagus, absolutely beautiful So first up, I';m gonna cut it at a slight angle and I'm just gonna take the lovely tips off and then with the stalk here, I'm just gonna cut sort of 2cm slices like that and then you can just check if this is nice and tender or not at the bottom, and if they are tough you can use these for stocks, soups and sauces so tips off slice the asparagus into 2cm chunks and we've got that done I'm using actually some frozen broad beans and peas They're fantastic to have in the freezer, super nutritious so into the boiling water with the peas, the broad beans and the asparagus Straight back on with the lid With the chicken lets get the tongs and turn over Look at that guys So nice You know you can cook a chicken breast in 5-10 minutes and if you smash it out flatter it will cook quicker but what you can see from this pan is, these thick bottoms very importantly distribute the heat very evenly and not only that they retain the heat, so when you put things like chicken breast that are cold in it, there's still loads of heat you know colouring it, you can see how quickly that coloured up Now we want to make a nice little sauce We're gonna get our bunch of mint like that, we're gonna rip it off like that the mint goes in, just a little olive oil we're gonna hit it up with some seasoning some salt and then we're gonna go in with some red or white wine vinegar and then I want to take just a little ladle of the boiling water an the veg So we're gonna take some of that boiling water and greens straight in and we'll whiz it up, it will taste incredible So this salsa is done very very happy with that Look at the colour guys

Let's serve it up We're gonna put the veggies into a nice bowl I'm just gonna serve up one portion here so the peas go in We're gonna plate up a lovely chicken breast I've taken the colour a little bit harder I want that really golden kind of caramelized chicken, with that chili and the vinegar and the seasoning on Have a little look at this, let's just plate one up the nice thing about slicing is it, of course then you can see if the chicken is cooked and then I'm just gonna come over here like this I want to use that salsa, it might not seem like loads, but that's kind of the point of salsa right and then I just go over, simply with a spoon just bravely and boldly over the top in between all the gaps I'll finish that off with some nice little leaves of mint so I like going for these lovely little inner leaves here which are really nice just a few leaves around the story just to remind people what's going on and then just a lovely little bit of Feta cheese, just a little chunk here and a little bit of snow there

Lovely contrast of colour but also really nice sort of salty seasoning So guys look, a beautifully cooked dish of chicken breast, spring veggies feta, and the most delicious mint saw With a little bit of help from our friends at Tefal If you wanna find more healthy recipes go to JamieOlivercom and if you want more information about this range of pans or anything else that I'm doing with Tefal then click the link in the description box Take care

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