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14 Sep

Morning guys I'm just heading to the gym

I'm going to do a workout and then after the gym I'm going to head to the supermarket and Get some food for some Meal prep im going to meal prep for the week, so I thought I'd show you guys what I do for my meal prep What kind of foods i eat it is super super quick probably take me half an hour max to do my meal prep Really really quick Oh my god, so Auckland traffic is a bloody nightmare Like I thought I'd left with like just enough time to make it to the gym, but it's like 10:30 or not teens it is it 10 o'clock and The traffic is back-to-back like the whole way down the motorway Oh Shocking I Seriously think Auckland has like the worst traffic in the whole world like I don't even know how We've got like one of the smallest population I just don't get it like walk them get your together Seriously, I want to go to the gym Okay, that's enough of my rant It's a good day It's a beautiful day

It's nice and sunny I'm out of the traffic now I'm feeling fine Yeah, it's gonna be a good day today, so im excited The last three days have just been like crazy busy have been eating very very healthily, and I didn't eat very good I had like pancakes like proper pancakes with like maple syrup and bacon and like fried banana awakened and then I had like a few mimosas or a few too many mimosas and then on Sunday I had like a burger and Churros cause we went to the ed sheeran festival, so I had like some donuts there I had like Way too much bad food I just think like meal prepping is really really good to sort of like get you back on track get you back onto On track like your goals, and it's like really easy to just like wake up get your meal from the fridge You know you're set You know you're on track and You don't have to think too much about it, which is like the best part of it all so yeah That's why I love meal prepping anyways I am at the gym, and I'm gonna go do my workout We made it in time and I'll catch up with you guys when I head to the supermarket For three so you see the back cortex what you do, it's really too Okay, so that was a bit of a fail um we all got kicked out of the gym because the fire alarm went off like Three times and so I had to finish my workout early, but hey, that's fine, I'm at the supermarket now So I'm gonna go food shopping and get my food for my meal prep And get on with the day, and I'll you know I'll probably do a workout little a little later on Maybe I'll go for like some sprints or something on the field near home Or maybe go to the beach or something like that, but until then I'm gonna go food shopping Get my meal prep, and I'll see you guys in the kitchen so I've just finished my food shopping back from the gym and This is what I got

I'll show you Some bananas sweet potato some chicken Celery beans some apples got some salmon for my lunch today Broccoli and then this granola, which I really want to try I'm super hungry right now, so I think I'm going to try up And some pester, so I'm gonna make like some chicken pesto pesto meal this pest is great It's Made out of peas lentils chickpeas and beans So super good for you and a star rating is five So that's always a bonus And then another thing I'm gonna put in my meals my meal prep is this tender in pace So I'm gonna marinate the chicken on net and some Greek yogurt So the very first thing that I'm gonna make for me on print is going to be my tandoori chicken So super easy to make it's literally just Tandoori paste here And then I'm gonna mix it in a bowl with some Greek yogurt Neck it's like the sauce, so I'm gonna cut up a chicken breast and then I'm gonna pop it in the marinade and im gonna marinade that Just chop the chicken for the pastor it's like really some pieces, and then I'm gonna cook the pecks drop while My other chicken is marinating Fridge like thats how quick and easy it is like a started its taken me 15-minute so far and ive already got the kumara going chicken marinating So I've put on the pasta chicken beans and then He's gonna finish off with this pesto all right and also I want to sprinkle some pine nuts on top Anyway, I'm just gonna add in some pine nuts Three meals there for lunch chicken pesto pesto pine nuts delish fresh, baby kale Chopped up really finely, and then I'm gonna pop it in with the camera and tennis Okay, so meal prep number two, so I've got kale broccoli pumpkin seeds creamer and a few potatoes spread out in there, and then I'm gonna once my chickens cooked pop it in there and I'm going to put it into some Containers and then meal prep is done So I've just got my lunch I just took some of the kale and kumara Salads and homemade but meal prep, and I've just popped it in with some salmon and broccoli I'm gonna go eat that and then by the time I'm finished at my chicken will be ready and I'll be able to pop all of my meal prep into containers and Then it's done So I know it looks a little bit burnt, but that's when it's a look and then you cut into it Perfect Perfection Anyway, so that's my two meal prep ideas as well, and the really really simple like I said, I've got my chicken pesto pasta with pinenuts and beans then ive got my chicken Tandoori which I just put with kumara and kale, type salad Easy and Anyway so because I couldn't find Them Pena's, I've just put the chicken on a plate here put all my scales and I weigh it up Have roughly hundred grams of chickens im my meals and then this is my kale salad so I'll put that in it as well Chicken pasta meal boom See I hope you guys enjoyed this

Thank you guys for watching another one of my videos I will see you guys in my next one Bye

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