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Eggs Benedict | 5 Ways | Jamie Oliver

Eggs Benedict | 5 Ways | Jamie Oliver
14 Sep

5 ways to make Egg Benedict | Jamie Oliver I will tell you the best recipe for your father's day That is Egg Benedict

I'll show you five ways to make Egg Benedict A typical smoked ham version Egg Benedict, Next is the smoked salmon version Egg Benedict, And a mushroom version for vegetarians Egg Benedict, There is a colorful crab version Egg Benedict And fifth, we have Barbecoa's Barbecoa (Barbecue restaurant run by Jamie Oliver) Burnt Ends version Egg Benedict is available (5 ways to make Egg Benedict) (5 ways to make Egg Benedict) The hollandise sauce starts with two eggs (5 ways to make Egg Benedict) Remove only the whites and use the yolk And I use butter here

Put a pack of butter in a pan (250g butter) I'll melt the butter (250g butter) (250g butter) Here is a pot with some water (250g butter) Here is a pot with some water Put the bowl with the yolk on the pot Put a spoonful of white wine vinegar

Here's some salt and I put some pepper While it keeps stirring, it is time to put the melted butter Slowly add butter If it does not stir, the yolk and butter will separate By this time, I'm out of the fire

I'll remove the whiskey And I use this source in the kitchen An hour later, someone tried to use the source again When the temperature is raised again, the source is disconnected It's a pretty vulnerable source The quirky way to stop it Just use old-fashioned thermos Put the boiling water behind before warming up If you throw away water This is where I put the fantastic Hallandise sauce It's the best courage

I put this sauce in a thermos This temperature is maintained for about 2 hours sauce End! Everyone, let's talk about eggs One of the best eggs There are two yolk eggs in the egg It's amazing

But I can not wait for the good luck So let's make it I continued to show In addition to being the only guaranteed perfection Let me show you a guaranteed pair It's really easy Use a heat-resistant plastic wrap

Sprinkle olive oil on top and apply it well And prepare the bowl Place the bowl under the plastic wrap Press the plastic wrap into the bowl with your hand And put two nice eggs An organic egg produced by a grazing chicken

I put all two And simply lift both ends of the lap Wrap it up to take out the air and wrap the end of the wrap There is nothing easier than this Then put these eggs in boiling water

While the eggs are ripe, let 's talk about the ingredients The first is a dried mushroom grill When you bake dry mushrooms, you can feel the flavor of nuts It tastes completely different Other ingredients, smoked salmon and ham

As you know, these ingredients are plain and good The materials I've already seen I'll try to talk to them once There's even crab meat here You can just put it in and you can dress it like this

Put olive oil and pepper too Add basil and squeeze lemon juice It is very nice and delicious Let me introduce the last material Burns is a torn pork butt

Beautiful beef ribs or any barbecue meat Dressed in a barbecue sauce, that's it Next, take out the eggs cooked for about eight and a half minutes The mushrooms were also baked Let's try something simple in mushrooms The mushrooms are baked and dried, keeping you away from some interest

But here's the extra virgin olive oil With a salt twist I also put pepper And here I sprinkle lemon juice If you sprinkle like parsley, It's fun to think One more, spinach Put spinach in a heated pan and let it breathe It only takes 30 seconds

Here, too, with some olive oil Season with lemon juice I put all the things that you might have It is beautiful Look at this End! And, I bring bread You can burn it if you like, but do not bend a lot

I recommend you to have a good mood Let's sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil on bread Very very good Now let's put the smoked salmon first It is beautiful

Next time I'll put up a ham Good quality dried, salted and smoked ham, lovely And raise the spinach There are a few beautiful roasted mushrooms It kills this very much This time it is the turn of crab meat

It's really cool And Burns, it's amazing Now it is the egg turn Simply cut the end of the lap Take the rap and strip it Release without breaking

It is so beautiful It's an ending now, everybody Sprinkle on the hollandaise sauce It is thick, rich and sour Also in mushrooms I have a mess and crab meat Even at Enes, look! It's a very nice Egg Benedict world

I hope you watched the video today If you want to give your father something beautiful on Father's Day Subscribe to Jamie Magazine There is tremendous value Every month, we have many ideas, chefs, cooks and arts in magazines See you next time Love it

(Translator: Kim Jun-hong / Thank you for watching the subtitles subtly)

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