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21 Sep

Hello, everyone and welcome back to my channel Lunchbox ideas today I will show you two quick and easy ideas for your lunchbox at school or at work Let's start with the first idea then A cold Pasta salad is a very quick and simple recipe to prepare, there are plenty of different ways and ingredients to do it But here I will show you the ideal one for that lazy days I'm going to start by cutting the plant base cheese some tasty Cherry tomatoes few olives and fresh basil I will also add some salt oregano olive oil and some chopped garlic And I am now ready to add the cooked pasta Please note that if you are planning to eat this pasta salad after several hours, remember to drain it few minutes before the recommended cooking time So you will enjoy it "AL DENTE" Now it's time to prepare my favorite dressing for the apple salad, lemon juice, salt, black pepper and olive oil And then the croutons; pan fried diced bread, oregano and salt, very easy and super tasty I am going to add to the fresh mix leave some pink apple slices, the croutons and Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, I will keep on a separate container lemon dressing As a Dessert I prepared some mini fruit skewers with strawberry, blueberry and grapes that I will dip into a vegan, gluten free, delicious chocolate spread For the second lunch box idea, I’m using beans and millet burger You can buy this at most of the local stores or supermarkets Pan-fried for a couple of minutes and then wrapped with mixed leaves, shred carrots and Vegan Sriracha sauce for the spicy lovers I made this delicious chickpeas salad with pre-cooked chickpeas carrots sun-dried tomatoes and celery then season it with lemon juice and oil As a dessert I will recommend a plant based yogurt and pistachios to be mixed with it, lastly some dates will bust your afternoon energy

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