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Easy High Protein Recipe | Turkey Muffins | BREAKFAST – LUNCH – DINNER

Easy High Protein Recipe | Turkey Muffins | BREAKFAST – LUNCH – DINNER
06 Sep

Hi, everyone! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women We are in my kitchen today

I’m going to show you guys a recipe that I often use for myself and my family You ready? Let’s do it So, why I like this recipe is because it’s fast, it’s convenient, and it’s actually great to prepare for about 2-3 days out I can slam them in the freezer They are ground turkey muffins

What I like to use is the ground turkey – the 99% fat free You can get the 93%, too and it will probably make it taste better But I like to get some of my fats from the egg that I add in here So, I like to pick the leaner version So, what I do is grab your bowl, put the ground turkey into the bowl here, and one packet, 16oz

If I’m making for a couple days, then I’ll use two packets and 2lbs worth of ground turkey I add it to my bowl, then what I do is use 1/2c of oats I have the quick ones I feel like they cook a little bit better when I’m making the muffins So, I’ll use the quick oats, versus the full

Then I’ll add those in I’ll mix the ground turkey with that Then I put in – and I like to use cage free eggs I use 2 whole eggs Crack them, throw them in, and then I’m whisking all of that together

So, I mix the two eggs, the 1lb, and the 1/2c of oats Then I like to add in a little bit of soy sauce I will put in a couple tablespoons of spicy brown mustard, and then also, this is one of my favorite finds, this is a hickory barbeque sauce It’s sugar free That’s nice because it adds a lot of flavor and balances out the really salty ingredients here without adding a lot of calories, and no sugar

Just a little bit of that helps and it keeps my kids wanting to eat it as well So, if it were just my husband and I it would be a little different Probably a little more bland, but we do have to feed children in this house Then I just throw in some salt and pepper as well I mix it all together and then I probably put – 1lb would make 12 muffins

Just depending on the size you want to portion out But if I’m going to, like I said, if I use 2lbs of the ground turkey then I’m using two of my muffin tin pans Put it in, bake, put it in the oven, probably about 15 to 20 minutes on 350, and voila! You have your ground turkey muffins I will make sure to post the recipe for you guys Here’s the photo of it

That is fantastic Hopefully you guys can use this recipe, even tweak it and make it your own If you feel like it needs a little more soy sauce then you have the recipe to go back from and increase or decrease if you don’t like a lot of sodium in your foods This is a quick, easy way I add rice, or potato to it for my kids, and if I’m definitely trying to lean down I’m putting a salad on the side of mine

But that’s a great recipe that feeds the whole family and you can even take it with you for leftovers for the next day for lunch Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video Give me a thumbs up, comment below, let me know how you’ve tweaked this recipe as well to make it your own Thanks for joining me I’m Amy Jo

We’ll see you guys next time Bye!

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