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Chef Ryan Scott’s Quick & Easy Vegan Recipe For Spring

Chef Ryan Scott’s Quick & Easy Vegan Recipe For Spring
09 Aug

give me a little snap, buddy are you ready? I love this

I feel so tall You should My knees hurt What's up? it's so nice to be with you Nice to meet you as well

Ms Vegan Thank you Yeah, that's my official title So let's do this

So when I got the memo about what you likes to eat, I would have say 10 years ago people would say 'Oh, you're vegan you don't eat this you don't eat that' what I want to do is my version of the Caesar and classically a Caesar dressing has what? Anchovies? Anchovies it's number one Like dairy of some sort I don't know So let's talk about all the things that has that we're gonna replace them We're gonna have all the things that we like in the vegan vegetarian one

So we have 3 cloves of garlic in here now my replacement for anchovies is gonna be capers Think about anchovies It's salted What's capers? It's salted And now typically there's egg yolks in there

What's our replacement for egg yolks in the Ceaser dressing? Tofu I like it That's our creamy aspect Anytime you're working with a Caesar you want a little bit of acid so I find especially in the kitchen world, everybody has white wine vinegar So we're gonna add white wine vinegar and then your choice of hot sauce

Put about three dashes Okay, yeah there we go When working with vegan and vegetarian I use extra virgin olive oil because it has so much flavor A couple tablespoons of a little bit of water in there is gonna kind of make it creamy We did not add salt or pepper because why ladies and gentlemen? The thing is capers have a lot of salt in them

So I'm just add a little bit of your favorite salt that comes in a little container Caesar salad technically has mucho mucho pepper so I've added lot of pepper in here and another dash of the Tabasco because my hands are a little bigger than yours We go back here, we twist this back on top and would you please give this one more buzz? Here's the thing about the one meals I'm working with a really amazing team Let's talk about it Let's talk about fancy the cool thing about it is when they called me and said we really want to do one pot one meal cooking and how many people on the universe use one utensil when you cook? Me

Really? Just one because here's the thing– I'm a daddy of a three-month-old Your life is busy and I said I'm gonna cook the way I cook at home Cast-iron pans, non-stick pans, all of these utensils we even use foil and then parchment paper; we could pack it out of foil and I cooked with Dylan she has a ten-month-old Cavin and I have a three-month-old Olive and we showed what the life is as parents working parents how to make meals in one pan Watch Scatter them right over the top of our English peas So you take your dressing

Yeah So we're gonna take this dressing Yes We're gonna take a little bit more of your amazing salt I'll take a little bit more pepper because we have no Parmesan cheese there's no fat here besides the tofu

okay someone has pepper me and take a splash of vinegar just to refortified and wake this up Okay I'm gonna take it we toss it look at that Oh my god, wow It's good

Honestly, I would never think to do any of this except for almonds in a salad That's like i think people do But snow peas, no way We never thought of that but perfect Crunchy, right?

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