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Carrot Rice Recipe In English || Easy Lunch Box Recipe|

Carrot Rice Recipe In English || Easy Lunch Box Recipe|
22 Sep

today in Southern menu I am going to prepare an easy lunch recipe carrot rice very easy tasty and quick lunch recipe Neethu here I welcome you all to my channel Southern menu and let's see how to prepare this carrot rice for making this carrot rice you need very less ingredients first you need cooked rice here i took almost 4 cups of cooked white rice and then you need grated carrot here i took almost to 2 cups of grated carrot then you need 1 tsp of ghee almost 1 tea spoon of cooking oil then you need chopped onions green chilli and curry leaves then you need almost quarter teaspoon of cumin seed quarter teaspoon of mustard seeds then almost a handful of peanuts ,channa dal cashew nuts and cinnamon and also 2 to 3 cardamom then dry chilli let's see how to prepare this for this you need to heat a kadai then add 1 TSP of ghee then 1 TSP of cooking oil oil is optional you can make this carrot rice completely in ghee itself then for seasoning you have to add quarter teaspoon of mustard seeds then quarter teaspoon of cumin seeds let it splutter then add cinnamon then cardamom next we have to add cashew nuts then add dry red chili then channa dal and peanuts roast everything well in low flame I have roasted all these nuts and everything well next you have to add chopped onions and green chili also curry leaves here I took a small onion and chopped it finely saute this well till the onion becomes soft next you have to add salt here I didn't add salt in right so I'm adding extra salt so if you have already added salt in rice you have to adjust the salt according to that saute this well next we have to add the grated carrot into this and mix everything well I have added salt for both this carrot and rice you have to adjust it according to that because if you have cooked rice with salt means you don't need to add this much you just need to add salt for carrot alone but here I didn't added so I'm just adding extra for both carrot and rice cook this carrot well you can increase the flame to medium and make sure that you are stirring it continuously i have sauted this carrot very well and cooked it now at this stage you have to add cooked rice into this carrot here I have used plain white rice if you can use basmati rice also or use any other Biriyani rice like a khyma or jeerakasala rice everything will taste good all this biriyani rice will give a nice aroma to this carrot rice now you have to mix this rice with this carrot make sure that you are not breaking this rise because otherwise will look so mushy in texture it won't look good if you can you can toss it otherwise just to mix it carefully I have mixed this rice and carrot very well you can enjoy this carrot rice with raitha hope you are enjoyed this video please try this at home and tell me your opinion about this thank you for watching this video I hope you will support me by subscribing my channel for more videos like this if you liked this video please share it with your friends and don't forget to subscribe happy cooking

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