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ANAR DANA RECIPE | Easy Healthy Anardana | انار دانہ ریسپی | Dried Pomegranate Seeds Recipes

ANAR DANA RECIPE | Easy Healthy Anardana | انار دانہ ریسپی | Dried Pomegranate Seeds Recipes
05 Aug

Aslam-o-alaikum How are all? Do you like aanar dana (pomegranate seeds dried)? It is sweet and sour Its taste is so good in chuntnies, chaat and pakoras

And it is the basic ingredient of potato paratha But the problem with locoal aanar dana is Frist, it is not clean Second, it is preserved with artificial preservers Due to this, it is unhealthy

The easy way to get rid of these things is, very simple Prepare it at home Believe me, it is prepared within a few minutes and much more tasty than local pomegranate dry seeds Today, I am going to share a recipe of instant dry pomegranate seeds (aanar dana) After preparing this at home, you will like other local pomegranate dry seeds

Infect, prepare the pomegranate seed is very long and tough process, but we have made them so easy for you So, here is it 100 pages recipe card We need two red pomegranates White vinegar, one tablespoon And… that’s all…

One of the very important ingredients in it is… Pomegranate So, first of all, buy the pomegranate from the market Focus that the pomegranate is fresh and not addle or rotten from any side

Try to buy that kind of pomegranate, which seeds are red and sour Seeds must be big in size and must be softened from inside The best kind for this, is a red pomegranate (kandhari pomegranate) Wash pomegranate first, then peel it Before peel, wash is better to remove dust or spray on it

Don’t press its seed and peel them gently, so it remains in full size Clean all fleshy mesocrap So, let’s start Turn on stove on normal flame and put a nonstick pan or nonstick karahi on it and put the seed in it If you have both, pan and karahi then karahi is best for it

Because it is much easy to dry them in it Nonstick is important because in other pan it sticks As start the stove process, get ready, because it is very important to stir it continuously Don’t worry It would not take a long time to prepare

But you should must stand along with the stove In the beginning, pomegranate seeds release their juice Stir it with a wooden spoon with some pauses Keep the flame medium or low high Stir with wooden spoon continuously

Keep in mind, as it is going to be ready It becomes sticky And obviously, you will have to stir the wooden spoon as fast If you don’t stir spoon, it will burn And all will be spoil

When I tried it for the first time Same happened Don’t dry them full Only seeds don’t seem good I keep them some juice, so it tastes so good

And my kids also like it as yummy But if you like totally dry, then keep it some more minutes on stove As you feel that the color has been changed and the seed are shrink according to your taste Then put one Tablespoon vinegar and stir and immediately turn off the stove Let it be cool for a few minutes

So, the best aanar dana is ready Taste it yourself before give it to someone Hmmmm… It is so yummy and awesome taste And the very tasty thing in it is, you can use it from now

And … don’t eat all during taste because it’s so tasty Keep it in a glass jar and save it in the refrigerator Glass jar and fridge temperature is very important for it Hot temperature may it spoil Local aanar dana (pomegranate seeds) don’t addle due to artificial preservers

So, no matter, there is pakora, raita, or chutney In which you put this, you will really enjoy the awesome taste If you like this recipe, share it Like this recipe, share it I will have been uploaded to make the taste easier on this cooking channel

So, subscribe my channel And don’t forget to give a like for this video Let me go for another healthy recipe Allah hafiz

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