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Aloo puri recipe/Alu masala poori/Potato poori//Kids lunch box/Breakfast recipe by Rocking Tanaya

Aloo puri recipe/Alu masala poori/Potato poori//Kids lunch box/Breakfast recipe by Rocking Tanaya
19 Sep

Today we are going to prepare "Aloo poori" It is very easy to prepare You can serve this Alu puri in lunch dinner or breakfast Aloo puri is so crispy & tasty that you can have these only with Achar Chatney Dahi or Raita You can have these even without sabzi let's start with the procedure of making Aloo poori To prepare these pooris we have taken- Wheat flour-2 cups Semolina-2 table spoon Boiled potato-2 chopped coriander leaves carom seeds cumin powder Red chilli powder Turmeric powder salt Garam masala powder cooking oil First grate boiled potatoes Add grated potato Add semolina into it Add red chilli powder Add cumin powder Add garam masala powder Add turmeric powder Add salt Mix everything really well Add carom seeds Crush the Carom seeds a little Add chopped coriander leaves Add 2 spoon oil to make the Aloo poori more crispy We have added potato so add water in small portion as potatoes leave their moisture Add little water at a time & make a stiff dough You adjust water accordingly Wash your hand properly before kneading the dough or you can use glaves We are done with kneading stiff dough Tight dought is ready as you can see Cover & keep the dough aside for 20 minutes to set 20 minutes are over Grease your hand with some oil & knead the dough again until smooth Divide the dough into small lumps Roll the dough lump into a round ball & then flatten it like this Now roll out the dough ball into a a poori Grease the Rolling plate & rolling pin with some oil to prevent poori from sticking to it Roll it While rolling out the pooris make sure you roll it out from the edges & not at the center otherwise poori would be thin at the center & thick on the edges Heat a pan & add oil into it Let the oil heat properly Oil should be hot enough else the poori will not puff up Drop a small dough ball into the hot oil to check the temperature Bubbles appear from the bottom of the pan it means oil is sufficiently hot Put one puri at a time Gently press it or pour hot oil on top to help it puff Flip it & gently press it Drain out the poori Repeat the process You must try this aloo poori at your home If you like this recipe don't forget to hit the like button Don't forget to subscribe my channel

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