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സ്കൂളിൽ പോകുന്ന മക്കൾക്കായി /Quick & Easy Vegetable Sandwich/Kids Lunch Box Recipe/ ||| Ep158

സ്കൂളിൽ പോകുന്ന  മക്കൾക്കായി /Quick & Easy Vegetable Sandwich/Kids Lunch Box Recipe/ ||| Ep158
27 Aug

Hi friends how are you lets make a lunch box recipe i am going to tell you about a very simple recipe its a vegetable sandwich it could be done overnight or in the morning it could also be served as an evening snack this recipe is also suitable for bachelors for bachelors,housewives and kids, its quiet simple to make this sandwich comprise of many of our and children's favorite contents such as mayonnaise and cheese we have earlier made a recipe in the beginning which is bread pakoda bread pakkoda is one of the children's favorite recipes so all of you please watch that recipe its Ramzan season now and this bread pakkoda can be included in the iftar feast it will be a children's favorite because i made it with and without cheese if we include cheese in the recipe children will eat it easily everyone in my family like this dish we should have this dish when its hot enough to eat i made it with mint chutney i also made a video on making mint chutney i made this recipe because my son doesn't like rice so because of this i had to try many dishes day by day i am involved in cooking mainly because of my son my son also helps in trying out these recipes at first i made the bread pakkoda without cheese and he told me to try adding cheese to this recipe so all of you try out these recipes so lets see how to make the bread sandwich lets see the ingredients we can also add coriander or tomatoes to this , its up to our choice add salt to the potatoes add pepper powder you can avoid pepper powder and add green chillies if you want its up to our wish add the multicolored capsicums we can also mash the potatoes if we want add the grated carrots i added the multicolored capsicum and carrots to make the sandwich colorful add the onion i too half of a medium capsicum we can add the vegetables according to our wish add the grated cheese add some mayonnaise Mix it all together Check salt after mixing Our vegetable mix is ready now cut the sides of bread slices Take one bread slice and apply some tomato sauce Put the vegetable mix on it Take other bread slice and apply mayonnaise on it Put it on the top of the vegetable mix press it slightly Our one sandwich is ready let's make the other one also like this All of you try this and get me your feedback Let's see with next dish next day ,Bye

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