What's for dinner mom? – Order healthy food online

What's for dinner mom? – Order healthy food online

Meet Karen – As a super-mom she has mastered the art of multi-tasking and it’s not unusual for her to be in two places at the same time. She only fears the question await all working mom after a day of work “What’s for dinner mom?” but now she can find homemade healthy food for take-away just around the corner using Mealby.

Get your homemade food now at https://www.mealby.com/

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Mealby – Healthy food for take-away prepared by people in your neighborhood. Get inspired by a variety of chefs from different cultures that will bring their own kitchen into your meal!

Cooked dishes, meals to cook, fresh salads, kids’ meals, and treats of all sorts. With just a few clicks you can order homemade food on-demand or plan your meals up to a week in advance. You can decide the time you’ll pass by the chef to pickup the food or schedule the delivery right on your doorstep.

Mealby chefs are local, passionated food lovers or professional chefs who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many have experience at well-regarded restaurants, while others have run their own catering businesses or simply enjoy to cook and want to make it a living.

Orders are done at least a day in advance. The chef will buy the freshest ingredients and cook your meal afterwards expecially for you, according to your needs.

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