Of course if you compare Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone

So what is it about anime that makes it so much better? Do the Japanese just respect their audience more and their culture is just smarter or what?This was very nearly a flake of the week but I’ve gotten this question three times in the last month and two rants on the same subject, all talking about how “terrible” American TV is and how superior anime is in every way.This mentality and it’s very prevalent among younger fans and people who have recently become bigtime anime fans is so misguided and flat out wrong I don’t really even know how to begin to respond to it. Is there a lot of bad, mindless garbage on American TV? You bet your ass there is.Is there a lot of bad, mindless anime? Hell yes.If you compare the best of any medium to the worst of any medium of course you’re going to come to the conclusion that all of (X) is better than all of (Y), but that’s an intellectually bankrupt and illogical way to think about it. Of course if you compare Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex to Fear Factor: Stuffing Bugs Up Your Nose Edition stud earrings, one’s going to be superior to the other.

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